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So You Wanna Do Voice Overs…


So You Wanna Do Voice Overs…

You have been told you have a great voice, maybe you are a fantastic actor, or you sound like that guy on the radio.  You have dreams of being THE voice on the Microsoft Commercials, or maybe you have always wanted to be the next Joe Cipriano.  Don’t know who that is?  Hmmmm… need to listen to our podcast this week!

As most of you know I do voice overs and have been doing them for a number of years.  I have voiced commercials for Amtrak, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Christmas Light Shows and many Corporate Phone Systems, as well as commercials for some of our sponsors right here on Things In My Head like Rocky Mountain Oils!  Although I have this expertise, I needed a little help to bring to you the TRUTH about working in the voice over industry.  So I called up my friend Erik Reynolds from Erik Audio as asked him to help.

Erik is one of the voice over artists used by Hitachi, DirectTV, Dunkin Donuts, and many, many more highly visible brands.  He is very successful in several Voice Over Genre’s and is the perfect person to help me let you in on some of the ways the voice over industry may or may not be for you.

This is a longer show than usual but I think you will not only find it informative, but also entertaining, and if you happen to live by a Duncan Donuts, we have a request…..take a listen!


Resources from the show:

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BOOK: How to Start and Build a SIX FIGURE Voice Over Business

BOOK: Making Money in Your PJ’s

BOOK:  Living On Air

Edge Studios

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